Nasu Animal Kingdom features numerous shows that allow you to see animals in their natural form. Birds fly, dogs play with humans, and cats hunt.
We hope that these shows featuring animals acting naturally will deepen your interest in animals.

Bird Performance Show 【BROAD】

This show that unfolds in the bountiful natural environment and expansive skies of Nasu,features eagles, hawks, horned owls, and other birds of prey.
In this highly compelling flight show, you can see the natural beauty of these birds of prey as they soar through the sky. A sight that you rarely get to see.

Cat Show

This show allows you to see the natural abilities of cats.
Featuring performances of approximately 11 cats as they climb 5m trees, run through hoops, and navigate around obstacles, this show also offers explanationsof cat bodies and their natural instincts, helping to shed light on these sometimes mysterious animals.

New Zealand Farm Show

A show featuring sheep dogs and shepherds from New Zealand.
The show highlights the amazing abilities of the sheep dog as its agile movements are guided using only a dog whistle.
You will be able to view the power, vitality, and grace of a working dog.

Aqua Friends

This show lets you see and experience the sense of balance, visual acuity, and other amazing physical capabilities of fur seals.

By interacting with and feeding animals in Nasu Animal Kingdom, we hope that guests will become more interested in both animals and their habitats.
We've created an amazing environment and conducted the necessary training so that animals and people can get as close to each other as is safely possible.
You'll be surprised at just how close you can get!

Capybara Forest (Capybara no Mori)

In this area, you can interact with (and even feed!) capybara as they roam about freely. You'll also have the opportunity to see capybara up close as they swim and relax.
In the winter, observe the capybara as they bathe and relax in the natural hot spring.

Alpaca Hill (Arupaka no Oka)

Alpaca Hill is one of the many hills in the Kingdom Farm. Watch as the cute alpacas playon this vast hill. You can even feed them, too!

Tropical rain forest

Exhibit creatures inhabiting tropical rainforests.
Sloth and small monkeys, birds are free to spend in the environment there is no such fence.

You Won't Believe How Close You Can Get to the Animals!

There are many opportunities, including feeding the animals, where visitors can interact directly with the animals.

Kingdom Town Area
Enjoy spending time with cats, dogs, parrots, and other animals.

Kingdom Farm Area
Interact with, and even feed, horses, camels, kangaroos, and other animals.

Stunning Views at Nasu Animal Kingdom

At an elevation of approximately 800m, Nasu Animal Kingdom features some spectacular views.
Enjoy Hokkaido-like vistas as you enjoy your time with the animals.

Restaurant: BBQ Garden

Savor delicious BBQ at BBQ Garden, a restaurant with a great view.
(Adults: \1,980 Children: \1,200 Infants: \500
Enjoy all-you-can-eat BBQ from a selection of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, yakisoba (stir-fried noodles), vegetables, rice, miso soup, dessert, and more.
When the weather is nice out, barbeque while you enjoy theview from the terrace seats.

Restaurant: YamanekoTerrace

A restaurant featuring a panoramic view of the Farm Area.
Popular dishes include the "TochibuTeppanyaki", which features Tochigi pork, and the "NasuWagyu Steak".
You can also enjoy cute animal-shaped menu items, such as the "Capybara Lunch" and the "Yamaneko Lunch".
The restaurant uses "Tsushima Leopard Cat Rice", contributing to the promoting of education regarding biodiversity as part of activities to protect the Tsushima Leopard Cat.

Restaurant: BOCCA

Watch alpacas as you eat in this open-air restaurant.
You can enjoy the popular "Alpaca Curry" as you gaze upon the roaming alpacas.
The char-grilled bacon is highly recommended.

Store:Animal Kingdom Bazaar

This store features an extensive selection of original Nasu Animal Kingdom goods, including alpaca and capybara goods.
The original "Oidenasu", "Warudenasu", and "Kapinasu" character stuffed animals are quite popular.

Days and Hours of Operation, Fees

Days of Operation: Mar. 17, 2018 - Dec. 2

Closed: Wednesdays


Weekdays: 10:00 -16:30
Weekends and holidays: 9:00 - 17:00


Adults (junior high school and older) \2,400
Children (3 years old - elementary school) \1,000

Use the free shuttle bus for easy and convenient access to Nasu Animal Kingdom

Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle bus operates along the following route: Nasu Garden Outlet Nasushiobara Station Kuroiso Station Yuai no Mori (roadside station)Hotel EpinardNasuNasu Animal Kingdom

Regular period of operation: Mar. 17, 2018 - Dec. 2
No service on Wednesdays (however, the shuttle will operate during spring holidays, Golden Week, and summer holidays.)

*To use the free shuttle bus, please make a reservation by 5pm on the day before you wish to use the bus by calling or using the reservation form on the website.
*If you wish to use the bus on a day following a day on which the park is closed, please make a reservation at least two days in advance. Reservations made via the websiteare accepted even on the day prior.
*If you wish to cancel your reservation, please call and notify Nasu Animal Kingdom by 8:50amon the day you were scheduled to use the bus.
Travel on the shuttle bus is by reservation only. The bus only operates on days that theNasu Animal Kingdom is open.

For guests using the Nasushiobara Resort Express (NRX) from the Yuai no Mori roadside station:
Enjoy smooth connections to the 16:25 NRX north bound.

*Travel time: Approx. 70 min.
*Boarding and alighting is only permitted in the designated areas.
*Actual travel times may differ from the scheduled times due to traffic and ridership conditions,
Inquiries: Nasu Animal Kingdom - 0287-77-1110


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